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Kawhi Future in San Antonio?

Is Kawhi Leonard headed out of San Antonio?

Tony parker and Manu Ginobili confronted the all-star last week in a players only meeting.  According to sources, it seems that Gregg Popovich is frustrated with Kawhi being out for most of the season.  Parker commented saying that: “My injury was 100 times worse than Kawhi’s”. Is it wise to comment negatively publicly on your teammates injury?  


Gregg Popovich and the Spurs are perceived to have a military presence in terms of keeping players in line and keeping their business in house.  However, this situation seems to be out of Pop and the Spurs control. Kawhi Leonard personally bothers Popovich, he is very stoic, one of the few superstars with a quiet demeanor.  Early this March the head coach while talking to the press in a exasperating manner stated that Kawhi was not coming back to play this season. It is also important to note that Leonard fired his agent and hired his uncle.  Could it be in the last year of his contract he’s wants to make sure that he’s healthy as opposed to Isaiah Thomas who rush back too quickly and is now out four months after another hip surgery procedure.


It seems behind that stoic demeanor may lie a guy who is smart and has foresight to his future.